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Meet our Miracle Kids

Have a child that wants to be apart of our UNO Dance Marathon Family?
Contact our Family and Hospital Relations Director:

In 2018, Kailey was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. She is 8 years old, loves to eat shrimp ceviche and enjoys to baking!

Nathan was born premature. He is now 6 and loves to eat Mac & Cheese and play T-Ball!

Easton is 9 and has kidney diseaseDespite his diagnosis, he is an amazing Fortnite player and loves to eat Mama dillas (quesadillas that his mom makes).

Carter is 12 years old and has a rare kidney condition called Cystinuria. He loves video games and Oreos!

Milly is 14 years old and has Pulmonary Hypoplasia. She loves to sing and support the sick kids at CMN Hospitals!

Niko is 14 years old and has a degloving injury from his ankle to knee. Despite his diagnosis Niko likes video games and to eat BBQ!

Payton has Aplastic Anemia. She is 13 years old, loves to bake, and the color teal!

Layla is 5 years old and has a rare kidney condition called Cystinuria. She likes the TV show PJ Masks and Cheetos!

Lily is 4 years old and has leukemia. She loves Mcdonalds nuggets and the TV show Bluey. She recently became a big sister!

Mason is 9 and was diagnosed with pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum. He had a heart transplant in 2019. Mason loves going to concerts, his favorite artist is Lizzo!


Issac has candle syndrome. He goes to UNO and is involved in Delta Chi and is a member of DMIP!

Carly has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia. She is 20 years old and recently had the opportunity to be an extra in the series "The chosen"

Miracle Angel: 

Jude had multiple diseases that caused him to have a double lung transplant. He passed away at age 3. He loved Sesame Street and snuggling. 

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